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AC LaGuardia Hotel by Marriott

LaGuardia Hotel will be completed in New York Boulevard in Astoria, near the 373 and 381 blocks from the hustle and bustle of New York City, only 8 miles away from LaGuardia Airport, only two miles from the more near City Field and the USTA National Tennis center. Project from the US East ‘s busiest airport just a few minutes’ drive away. About 11,000 people in this airport. In 2012 an estimated total of 26 million passengers visiting here, compared to 2011 growth of 6.6 %. Airport passengers are the main source of LaGuardia Hotel, the second largest source comes from an athletic event are attracted by the fans. In recent decades, the accommodation needs of LaGuardia area relatively stable, housing up to 80 % of the equipment of the new hotel will have a higher occupancy rate estimates. Although there are many hotels near the airport LaGuardia Hotel competitors in the same period, no other hotel offers such a comfortable, elegant experience , the hotel’s sense of design also make it a unique style.

New York has three major airports LaGuardia Airport is one of three major airports in New York ( Newark Liberty International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport par ), is expected to bring the main source of this project. The airport is also the gateway to the eastern United States business, it is the birthplace of many airlines such as: Delta / JetBlue Airlines / United Airlines / American Airlines / US Airways.

Annual Passenger Statistics - LaGuardia Airport

Project Highlights

+ Item 3 big airports from New York LaGuardia machine Yang 2 miles away, close to the New York Citibank Ballpark and USTA National Tennis Center . + The hotel is expected to be 107,964 square feet, built on 16,141 square feet of land. + The hotel is 6 storey building , including underground layer 2, a total of 126 rooms and 72 parking spaces. + Project for about 32 months. + EB-5 only recruit 32 investors. + HVS third party valuation company estimates, the project stable value of US $ 4,830 million.

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